Rockefeller Habits Portland Nov 8, 2012

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Detroit Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Workshop for 2013

For CEOs and their Leadership Teams:

Invest a day with your leadership team, and join the exceptional company of more than 20,000 executives who have attended this workshop.

Spend a day with senior certified coaches Ted Ernst Sarvata and Keith Upkes and you will GAIN:

  1. An overview of the Four Decisions (People, Strategy, Execution and Cash) you must get right to grow.
  2. Key elements to build your 2013 One Page Strategic Plan to focus and align your team.
  3. The Rockefller Habits checklist to strengthen your ability to execute and accelerate your growth.
  4. Simple, practical and applicable tools to improve your business results right away.
  5. An aligned, accountable and enthusiastic leadership team, ready to hit the ground running in 2013.

Learn how to accelerate profitable GROWTH using the Rockefeller Habits.
The Four Decisions™refer to the critical decisions that growth companies must get right to maximize their revenue, profit and time. These four decisions involve the areas of People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. This workshop will teach you tools for making the right decisions in each of these areas.

DWhat you will learn for GROWTH in 2013:

  • CORE VALUES – Enliven your identity and renergize your employees.
  • CORE CUSTOMER & BRAND PROMISE – Develop clarity on your “who” and on your unique, targeted and measurable differentiator.
  • GROWTH TARGETS & ONE-YEAR PLAN – Set your measurable, one-year goals and priorities for 2013.
  • PRIORITIES & METRICS – Make your most critical short-term decisions for your 13-week race by setting quarterly and personal priorities and metrics.
  • EXECUTION – Learn or review the 10 Rockefeller Habits checklist to strengthen execution.
  • COMMUNICATION RHYTHMS – Develop practical and efficient regular meeting rhythms, to keep meetings short and effective.
  • TOP TALENT – Learn to identify, hire and retain A performers who will accelerate your growth.
  • CLARITY & ACCOUNTABILITY – Ensure everyone in your company is clear on accountabilities and has a roadmap for growth.

Rockefeller Habits book cover

All participants will receive a FREE copy of

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish

“At AboutUs, Ted organized our company’s mission, purpose and core values, as well as our long-term, one-year and quarterly initiatives using the Gazelles methodology. This work has been invaluable to AboutUs. I would recommend Ted highly for strategic planning work and facilitation of other business processes.”

Ray King, CEO, AboutUs Inc.

“I feel less stress, and more effective as a leader since adopting the Rockefeller Habits and its coaching. Bottom line is that the Habits and Gazelles coaching provide a road map to successful growth to any business leader. I couldn’t recommend this system more highly. It all began by taking our leadership team to the Mastering the Rockefeller Habits workshop for a day.”

Paul Taylor, Founder & CEO, Webmarketing 123

“I spoke to a group of CEOs and told them they needed to attend a Rockefeller Habits workshop and if they did not love it I would pay for their attendance!”

Dwight Cooper, co-founder, PPR Healthcare Staffing

“Learning the Rockefeller Habits is the single best thing we have done as a company. It has led to complete company alignment, faster learning and numerous breakthroughs. More importantly, the process has allowed us to thrive despite being in an industry that has fallen almost 70% in the last number of years. I consider it a must for any leadership team looking to grow its business.”

Jeff Booth, CEO, BuildDirect

I free up entrepreneurs for greater impact. Day to day demands of your growing business will sap your energy and blunt your effectiveness. Together we can work to reduce demands by up to 80% while moving more quickly in the direction of your purpose.

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