How To Transform A Difficult Person

You know that conventional saw, “You can’t change anyone buy yourself”?  It’s not true.  The way you change someone else is by changing how you react to that person.  One part of that is giving up the need to be right.  Giving up the need to be right doesn’t mean you have to be wrong.

Larry Barkan writing about How To Transform A Difficult Person:

Giving up the need to be right has nothing to do with giving up being judgmental and angry. Of course, youre judgmental and angry. Dont try and change your feelings. You cant. If I were in your shoes, I would be angry and judgmental. However, you can feel angry and judgmental and not act that way. This may seem phony to you, but part of giving up the need to be right is to not return anger with anger.

Go read Larry’s whole post for more.  And if you need help with this in your company, get in touch with me (or Larry).


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