Chip Heath on Bright Spots and Destination Postcards

At the 2010 Growth Summit, Chip Heath talked about some takeaways from his book, Switch.  In this short interview with Verne Harnish, he summarizes about Bright Spots and Destination Postcards.  With Bright Spots, we look at what’s going right and look to grow more of that (for example, the bakery with 150 types of baked goods that does the analysis to see that 3 of its cupcakes are selling out every day – today they are a high-end cupcake company).  With Destination Postcards, we go beyond the numbers to describe what it will look like when we’ve accomplished our goals.  This gives the entire organization something inspiring to work towards, more than just “grow by 10%.”


I free up entrepreneurs for greater impact. Day to day demands of your growing business will sap your energy and blunt your effectiveness. Together we can work to reduce demands by up to 80% while moving more quickly in the direction of your purpose.

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