Daily Huddle Summary

Daily Huddle CalendarWhat’s the purpose of a daily meeting?

  • Synchronization (not problem solving)

What makes an effective daily meeting?

  • Stand up.  Yes, really.
  • Same time and place every day.
  • Start and end on time (7-12 minutes should be plenty), even if people are late (you can fine people $10/minute for being late to really drive this home, and generate some money for your favorite charity)
  • Rotate facilitation.  You’ll all learn something from the different styles.
  • Same agenda every time.  Here’s a suggestion:
    • What’s up?
    • Numbers.
    • Stucks.
  • When conversations start to get too deep, facilitator steps in with “take that up offline” or something that works in your culture.

I’ve written more about daily huddles here:

Also, here’s the full Meeting Rhythm I Recommend.


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