3 People with Purpose

Purpose can look very different for different people.  Here are three business owners I recently interviewed on the Purpose Podcast who are clear on their purpose.

Doug Wick: To Discover, Inspire and Ignite Purpose and Passion

Doug Wick on the Purpose PodcastDoug Wick’s purpose became crystal clear to him while he dealt with a life-threatening health issue.  While in the hospital, he created a daily huddle with his health care team, including having a dashboard with a critical number (blood count, in his case).  Listen to my interview with Doug to get inspired by an incredible story of how purpose and practices to keep that alive lead to triumph over an unimaginable challenge.

Kent Lewis: To Educate, Entertain & Connect

Kent Lewis on the Purpose PodcastKent Lewis can’t help but to start things.  He owns not one, but two social media marketing agencies, started PDXMindShare and SEM PDX , volunteers with SMART Start Making a Reader Today and co-hosts the DadsUnplugged internet radio show.  What unifies all of these endeavors is Kent’s personal purpose, to educate, entertain & connect.  This interview shows how purpose can run through many threads of our lives.

Savannah Mayfield is Being Savannah

Savannah Mayfield on the Purpose PodcastSavannah Mayfield’s purpose is different from any other I’ve come across in an entrepreneur.  Her purpose is to be the most authentic Savannah possible in that moment.  When I heard that it made me very curious to know how she’s able to evaluate how she’s doing relative to that purpose.  Listen to the interview to find out!


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