Tony Hsieh, Inspiration vs Motivation

Are your people motivated? What about inspired?

I visited the offices while in Las Vegas for the Growth Summit and was inspired by the culture they’ve built over the years. I’ll have a lot more to post about that as I sort through my notes and photos.

Just one example for now. They give free tours to anyone visiting Las Vegas. They’ll pick you up at the airport or your hotel and get you back again, which is what they did for me. They also treat you like royalty while you’re there.

I posted this photo on Twitter declaring myself Zappos Royalty

and within minutes had a reply from customer service.

It was obvious from the tour that people at Zappos are having fun and are inspired. If they weren’t, the tours would be a huge distraction because the staff would have to be prepared for them and make sure they were ready to perform for visitors. Zappos gives tours all the time, however, and are in fact now part of the culture.

Are your people inspired?


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