Founders Retiring On The Job

A fascinating post Retiring the Founder’s Mindset by Funnelbox Production Studios Founder and CEO, Robb Crocker ends this way:

On February 13th, 2014, I’ll be making a very deliberate and public declaration to my family, friends, employees, partners and clients that the micro-managing, know-it-all founder is no longer a part of the organization.

I’m handing the emotional and operational reigns of Funnelbox (Flixio and Uberstock too) over to the amazing leadership team and incredible employees who make our organization truly special.

And, if they’ll have me, I’ll return in six weeks to interview for the job as CEO; Without the emotional baggage of a founder.

6355844351_9ac538c7e6_nAnother Portland company Clinicient made an announcement yesterday which seems related, Portland-based Clinicient raises $15M, names new CEO.  In this case Founder and Former CEO Jim Plymate becomes president and Chief Growth Officer and longtime board member Rick Jung becomes chair and CEO.

On one hand these two cases are different, one involving funding and the other not, one involving an actual new CEO and change of position for the former CEO and the other more a symbolic and mindset change, but on the other hand, the point for both of these founders is that “more of the same” isn’t going to get them where they want to go.

Is there a change you’ve been avoiding even thinking about because you know if you do, you’ll have to do it and that scares you?

Be courageous.

Take a look at that change.

Let go of your need to control everything.

Build the future.


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