Best Employee Feedback

From Verne Harnish:

Best Employee Feedback — based on columns 1 (Core Values) and 7 (Individual KPIs and Priorities) of the Gazelles’ One-Page Strategic Plan, the best feedback process is:

  1. Every employee is able to objectively answer the question “did I have a good day or week” because their specific performance KPIs are visible and priorities reviewed at the weekly meeting. Usually in the form of checklists, spreadsheets, dashboards, etc.
  2. Leaders tie ongoing praise and reprimands back to the core values e.g. “thank you for immediately following up that customer request – this is key to maintaining Ecstatic Customers.”

If these two things are constantly going on, the quarterly and/or annual feedback process isn’t as necessary. More importantly, weekly feedback gives everyone time to make course corrections.


I free up entrepreneurs for greater impact. Day to day demands of your growing business will sap your energy and blunt your effectiveness. Together we can work to reduce demands by up to 80% while moving more quickly in the direction of your purpose.

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