Weekly Collective Intelligence

We’re running into a bit of confusion about what the hot seat is supposed to include every week. Can you give me a basic rundown of what that means for the person who is on the hot seat?

Sure. The rock-holder will be speaking for the first 5 minutes or so. This could include:

  • Here’s the plan for the quarter …
  • Here’s what we’ve done so far …
  • Here’s what we think we know …
  • Here are the open questions we’re facing …
  • Here’s what we need …
  • etc

The remaining time is for the team to ask questions and give feedback, such as:

  • What about X. Have you considered that?
  • I’d like to help with Y.
  • Please add Z to your open questions list. (Alternatively, let’s talk about Z for a few minutes now.)
  • I’m confused about detail A. Please explain / defend that decision.
  • etc

In general, this is the time to go deep. Some of the detail I interrupted at the offsite would fit perfectly here.


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