Elon Musk does it again

Sometimes people complain about product announcements as “vaporware” because they’re just concepts, not ready to ship. If not for Elon’s track record, this promise of traveling to any city on earth in less than an hour would certainly qualify as big time vaporware, but the thing about Elon is: he delivers (often late, but he does deliver).

This rocket is designed to send people to Mars, and Elon says a cargo mission could go in 2022 and a crewed mission in 2024, which is totally amazing! And, imagine what it does to Mars mission costs if we’re using this on earth as well, and imagine what it does to global business and relationships if total time in the air is less than an hour to go anywhere? That’s like people fly for business meetings today from Seattle to Portland, from Boston to New York, from Detroit to Chicago, from London to Paris. Imagine if that’s New York to Dubai? San Francisco to Melbourne? Holy crap! That’s a big vision! And yet only a few years away, not a pie-in-the-sky long-term future.

What’s your vision?


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