We free up entrepreneurs for maximum impact.

I’ve been leading and facilitating a broad range of organizations since 1988. I understand the complexities executive teams of mid-sized growth companies face, and have the rigorous analytical skills to unleash the potential within those businesses. I live in the Portland, Oregon area with my spouse and 12 year-old twins.


Our clients are mid-sized purpose-driven companies with a drive to grow and learn. We work with executive teams in a private workshop setting, taking the time to address critical questions and develop key habits in the areas of Strategy, Execution, People and Cash. With this clarity, we break through barriers to impact and growth within the team and the company as a whole. Between these quarterly workshops, we stay in close contact with the entrepreneur or CEO to keep the process on track and address any new blocks that might come up.

By maximizing talents and attaining clarity in key strategic areas – we can dramatically increase your team’s effectiveness and impact. You’ll spend less time chained to your desk worrying about tasks unfinished, and spend more time where it counts: both growing the impact of the business and connecting with the world outside “work.” The benefits flow from executive team, to employees and business as a whole, to the community, and to our families and loved ones. We are driven by this process, and take great pride in seeing you thrive.


“Ted encourages that bridge between knowledge and action. I’d highly recommend Ted as both a speaker and consultant/coach.”

– Eric Williams, President, Codiligent LLC

“Ted’s work has been invaluable to AboutUs. I would recommend Ted highly for strategic planning work and facilitation of other business processes.”

– Ray King, CEO, AboutUs



Sarvata weddingAs a child I was Teddy Ernst. I became Ted Ernst around the age of 10. In 2012, I became Ted Sarvata when I married the love of my life, Celeste Nadeau and we choose this new name together: Ted & Celeste Sarvata.family-25-1618514327-o
Sarvata means “integrity” or “wholeness” which is the lens we use to look at the world.

We have two children.

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