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Do the Words “Change Process” Make You Gag?

So much corporate jargon turns me off as it just seems to complicate things. “Change Process” is one of those terms. Imagine my surprise this week when Ari Weinzweig of shared the change process they use at Zingerman’s and I immediately

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Founders Retiring On The Job

A fascinating post Retiring the Founder’s Mindset by Funnelbox Production Studios Founder and CEO, Robb Crocker ends this way: On February 13th, 2014, I’ll be making a very deliberate and public declaration to my family, friends, employees, partners and clients that

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How do big entrenched ideas change?

In 1993, only two countries in the world had any recognition for same-sex relationships (called “registered partnerships), Denmark and Norway.  Then Hawaii’s Supreme Court made a ruling that looked like it might be opening up marriage itself to same-sex couples,

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