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Facebook’s BHAG

  Did you see that Facebook has a new BHAG this week? Zuckerburg calls it their ten-year roadmap. Give everyone the power to share anything with anyone. Inspiring? You bet! That’s one of the hallmarks of a great company, an

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Tony Hsieh, Inspiration vs Motivation

Are your people motivated? What about inspired? I visited the offices while in Las Vegas for the Growth Summit and was inspired by the culture they’ve built over the years. I’ll have a lot more to post about that

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Red Balloon about to reach their BHAG

About 8 years ago, Red Balloon had sold 7500 experiences. ¬†Australia’s number provider of gifted experiences, offering over 2500 experiences, Naomi Simson and her team set an aggressive goal to sell 2 million experiences. ¬†They”ve now sold 1.6 million experiences

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