“There has been significant value received from Ted and Keyne as they deliver the Leadership Training Program and I have gotten great feedback from those participating. Many are now clear converts to the value of the collaborative management of our meetings and we count on them for the accountability call outs – “Look here at what you are doing” or “This is what I am seeing” and “Are you paying attention to what you are doing/saying/acting” to both me and my team. People are stepping into some of the thing they are learning and getting comfortable with conversations and healthy conflict. I am hearing a consistent gratitude from the Leadership Team for the training they are getting and are thankful for the trust and guidance during this process.”

Robbin Turner, CEO, Sable Systems International

I’m glad you are on our side and not a competitors.
Service Industry Operations Manager

Thanks for today Ted. I got tons of great feedback and the group feels comfortable with you. I believe today was a pivotal moment with our Team. Everyone was engaged and now have better understanding of our Scaling Journey and Leadership Training!
Service Industry COO

Kim Malek
“Thanks for an amazing day today. Your honesty, care, smarts and tenacity are pushing me and this company to a new level. This next quarter is going to be one for the history books. More than anything, I want to make it a priority to enjoy it and take time to enjoy working with such a terrific group. Thank you!!”
Kim Malek, Owner and Founder, Salt & Straw

Ben Peters
“Ted has a unique way of engendering focus, creative problem solving and teamwork that was invaluable to my company and leadership team. Ted is a vision guy, and is systematic, empathetic and somehow makes cracking open big hairy business challenges fun. Truly enjoyed working with him.”
Ben Peters, Digital Director, Grady Britton

“We have the strongest team in our company’s history but the growth of our firm was creating too many meetings and repeated tasks. Ted saw right through those and helped us implement more effective team meetings and stronger accountability among employees. This allowed the executive team to spend less time managing staff and more time with clients.”
Su Midghall, President, DHM Research

Paige Campbell
“Ted has been terrific for us to work with. He is a creative problem-solver who I trust to ask the hard questions and work with to answer thoughtfully and truthfully. When we work with Ted, we always outline goals and he keeps us on track. I value his contribution to my management team.”
Paige Campbell, President / Partner, Grady Britton

Jeff Hall
“Our entire team truly valued our day together with you.  A few moments ago we came out of our second daily huddle, and I’m already sensing a shift in a more open communication, and willingness to be vulnerable, among our team.”
Jeff Hall, Founder / CEO, Second To None

John Acree
“We attended Ted’s Gazelles workshop, and it was an invaluable experience. As a small business owner, we’re always looking for ways to improve our business and our own skill set as an entrepreneur. Ted is an amazing coach who will challenge you look at things a little different and implement these changes into your business.”
John Acree, President at Premier Window Coverings

Mike Klein

“Thanks Ted. You did a great job for us last week. We were very happy with the end result of our meeting.”


Mike Klein, Co-CEO, Online Tech

Rob Sadowsky

“I’d say that there has been no other single management step that we have taken that has moved us so quickly and in an exciting way as your retreat did for us.

Rob Sadowsky, Executive Director, Bicycle Transportation Alliance

Becky Engel

“I’ve worked with many business coaches over the years, and have had lackluster results, mostly because I felt I got a lot of talk and not any actionable plans after the training was done. Then I started working with Ted. Ted’s involvement helping our business plan, strategize and focus has been truly transformative. Ted’s methodology through Gazelles is highly relevant to any business, especially ours. Ted’s facilitation is rooted in deep experience, and he pushes my management team to solve *the most important* problems facing our company. What I appreciate most is that Ted has created the framework for us to stay tightly accountable to our plan, which means we’re moving more purposely and accomplishing more in shorter timeframes.”

Becky Engel, PR Director, Grady Britton

Sam Blackman

“Ted helped our executive team focus on what was most important each quarter. His facilitation helped us say no to directions that seemed promising but that didn’t actually match with our longer-term goals. Spending a whole day each quarter away from the office is something I’d recommend to any business.”

Sam Blackman, CEO, Elemental Technologies

Ray King

“I worked directly with Ted at AboutUs, Inc. Ted is an absolute pleasure to work with, as he always brings all of his creative energy to the work at hand. He is diligent about, and very good at, keeping other team members motivated and on track. At AboutUs, Ted organized our company’s mission, purpose and core values, as well as our long-term, one-year and quarterly initiatives using the Gazelles methodology. This work has been invaluable to AboutUs. In his current role as a consultant to the company, Ted moderates our planning meetings and does the background work to make those meetings a success. I would recommend Ted highly for strategic planning work and facilitation of other business processes.”

Ray King, former CEO, AboutUs

Brandon CS Sanders

“Simply put … Ted Rocks! Ted brings out the best in those he works with. He led our adoption of a planning and execution framework that helped us secure our Series A funding and boosted our CEO to win the CEO of the year award in Oregon. We’ve had several other companies visit us to learn how we work at the urging of their boards or other stakeholders. Ted has a tremendous bag of tools that will help your organization achieve clarity, alignment, and superior execution. If you are looking to up your game, Ted will help you. I unreservedly recommend him.”

Brandon CS Sanders, former CTO, AboutUs

Jack Williamson

“Ted was instrumental in our adoption of best practices for managing an emerging growth company. If you are looking for simple, practical techniques to help you manage your growth – Ted is your guy.”

Jack Williamson, CFO, AboutUs

Troy O'Brien

“Thanks again for leading a great session with the Response Capture team last week.”

Troy O’Bryan, President, Response Capture, Inc.

JR Hines

“I’ve been fortunate to hear Ted speak on a few occasions. There are countless business speakers out there, but Ted excels in a few ways. First, he knows his material very well. He has a deep understanding of business owners and the challenges we face. Second, his presentations are interactive. Ted is able to take an example from a participant and turn it into a learning experience for the entire group. And third, Ted leaves the group with take-aways. He will give you proactive steps to move towards completion. I have no hesitation recommending Ted Ernst as a speaker and a business coach.”

JR Hinds, Owner, Hinds & Associates

Eric Williams

“I’ve had the privilege of attending a few different presentations that Ted has given on the following topics: company values / corporate culture; setting and maintaining priorities for both personal and organizational effectiveness; and family business. I’ve been extremely impressed by not only Ted’s knowledge and the content of his presentations, but also his speaking skills (he’s an extremely polished and effective communicator). He provides two-way engagement with his audience rather than speaking at them. Think about some of your best college professors – that’s Ted. He also employs experiential activities which encourage people to not just learn information, but to take proactive steps to apply the concepts he is teaching. What good is knowledge if it isn’t accompanied by implementation? Ted encourages that bridge between knowledge and action. I’d highly recommend Ted as both a speaker and consultant/coach.”

Eric Williams, President, Codiligent LLC

Aliza Earnshaw

“Ted is highly focused, and succeeded in keeping a group of creative, diverse people focused on the purpose before them — a task closely akin to herding cats. I know Ted has made us a more productive and effective group.”

Aliza Earnshaw, Former Editor-in-chief, AboutUs Inc.

Jim Hillas

“Ted Ernst Sarvata provides great content and value to business owners and managers. I have heard Ted speak several times and have always taken away helpful suggestions. He is particularly strong in helping companies establish priorities and set goals. I highly recommend him as a speaker and consultant.”

James Hillas, Owner, James M. Hillas, P.C.

julie Caldwell

“Ted is an amazing coach, always present with an uncanny ear that not only listens to what others need, but can actually breathe life into someone else’s dream and passion. Not only through listening and asking questions, but through actual support that works on all levels of delivery (understanding, connection, goal setting, technology, problem solving).”

Julie Caldwell, Co-Founder, Emerging Futures Youth Network

Ethan McCutchen

“Ted has incredible drive, but he’s not really motivated by conventional success by conventional metrics. He wants to see groups and individuals dig deep and evolve and thrive. He’s willing to push and prod and explore and imagine and create to see it happen. His energy is contagious and I suddenly feel much better whenever I catch it from him.”

Ethan McCutchen, Executive Director, Grass Commons

Mark Dilley

“Ted is a positive and energetic force to be reckoned with. He is apt at identifying roadblocks to progress and uses his creative skills to help others learn how to find ways around said roadblocks. Tirelessly he works to figure out the needs of his team to achieve it’s best performance. Ted is a valuable resource for people and organizations.”

Mark Dilley, Organizer

Mark Herdering

“Ted is a genuinely authentic spirit who’s caring for detail, understanding and providing value show through all he does. If you haven’t heard Ted speak or experienced his stories I highly recommend you seize the opportunity.”

Mark Herdering, Group Moderator, PDX Group

Shelley Sanders

“As my coach, Ted has helped me envision my path and make the decisions that move me toward becoming who I want to be. He has my wholehearted endorsement and gratitude.”

Shelley Sanders, MD

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